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Beat Robot Eugene easy

This is simple. When you defeat the first two dungeon bosses you get a santa Maria from each of them. To defeat Eugene put a santa maria on your two best characters. Put Gre on your team. Put Gre in back and Put Mag and Chain or Pepper in front or middle. Use Gre's cheer up heal every one when they are hurt note: cheer up only works on one ally Use the weakest hammer attack with Mag. It will still do good damage and it saves TP. Continue to attack and heal and if you die then a santa maria will bring you back.

More Item space

This isn't really a cheat but try combining a Naolin with another Naolin. This will combine into a Naolin2. That means it is 2 naolins it one item. It doesn't use them at once and it saves spece. Combine the Naolin2 with another naolin to make a naolin3. This also works with Naolin and Naolin Gold. I don't know how far you can go but it helps.

Infinite items

To get infinite items you need to: get to Museville the second town your in. Defeat one or more dungeons, note: the have to be predetermined dungeons pick a floor with good stuff, get it, go to town be exiting through the entrance or warp station things. When you get back to town go back to the the same dungeon and the items should still be there Although no important items will reappear upgrade kits, Cyframe parts, etc.. This will work for any preditermend dungeons.

Infinite experience/new move points

message: This is just like the infinite items code. Only this time you go to a predetermined dungeon and fight monsters. if you run out of monsters go up/down a level or go back to town if you a weak come back and presto Their back But as said above if you don't want to take a chance of dieing or being hurt badly stay on the first floor and if you are hurt exit to town and all your health is recovered and experience points/move points are still with you. The same goes with your items.

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