HalfLife - Multiplayer Guide v103


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Multiplayer Guide v1.03

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by Tim Wuyts tim.wuytsplanetinternet.be

Various Cheats

Start the game with the parameter console hl.exe console. Console should appear in the game menu. Click on Console and type svcheats 1. Now start any game and press and type any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
IMPULSE 101 All Weapons and Ammo
/GOD God Mode
/NOCLIP Clipping On/Off
/Map ca? Go to Map xxxx whereas is a number and ? is either nothing or a letter
/GIVE xxxx Give Item xxxx. They're pretty obvious such as itemantidote ammo9mmAR ammo9mmbox weapon9mmAR
svgravity Change Gravity to 0999

Submitted by cheeseman

Other Cheats

do the console thing the enter one of the cheats.
give scientist
gru nt.

for the rest of the monsters just type in the name of it. SAVE BEFORE YOU DO THIS CHEAT For this cheat to work the monster you want to get, MUST be in the level with youinbetween the two load points. If you do it wrong you will be shut down to the console and you will have to load your game. enjoy
Submitted by Brandon Arnold


If you are having problems killing the monster in the Power Up stage turn the track generator on then lure the monster into the generator room then run into the door then back out the other side the big dumb monster will die from electric shock.
Submitted by Tim Harvie

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