Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - Money trick


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Money trick:
This only works if you have the cheat Action Replay for "All Tools in Shed". Whenever Van comes to town, quickly go to the Tool Shed, locate the "Fishing Pole G" and keep pressing "A". The Fishing Pole sells for about 1000 Gold a-piece. Keep pressing "A" until you have 99 of them in your Rucksack. Then, walk down to Van's and sell all 99. Repeat as needed in one day you can receive 500,000 Gold.

Call your horse:
When you press R twice, you get a two-toned whistle. This whistle will call your horse from almost anywhere, even outside your farm's borders. If you are outside and the horse is in the barn, calling it will still work, but you can't call it when you are inside.

Raising Heart Rates:
Give Celia Goddess Drop Flowers in the Spring everyday and at the end of Spring to the start of Summer Nik, Nak, and Fak will give you a Blue Feather.Another note to raise Celia heart even faster buy crop seeds from her and only her.

Give Muffy a flower and milk, she'll take both. The same thing on the top will work too. Another note buy a drink or two everyday at the bar her heart will go up also.

In the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter go the ruins everyday and whatever you find give it to Nami. Another note Nami loves crops and recipes. The same as above as the others will happen too.

Cutscence with the girls and what they like:
Celia: Have 1 heart and enter Vesta's house. Leave when Celia is outside. This triggers an event where Celia asks about the farm.

Celia: Have 2 hearts with Celia and leave your house around noon. This triggers an event with Celia and the spring.

Celia: Have 3 hearts with Celia. Enter Vesta's house when Celia is inside and Vesta and Marlin are in the storage room. This triggers a scene with a shopping trip.

Celia: Have 3 hearts with Celia and enter her house when Celia is inside. This triggers a scene where she takes you to the spring and she speaks of another man.

Celia: Have 4 hearts with Celia and Vesta's house while Celia, Vesta, and Marlin are inside. They're arguing about the guy Celia is supposed to marry.

Celia: Have 4 hearts with Celia and leave your house after 6AM. This triggers a scene where Celia is missing and she says she loves you.

Muffy: Have 1 heart with Muffy and exit your house around noon and this triggers a scene with Muffy and your dog.

Muffy: Have 2 hearts with Muffy and enter the bar during the evening for a scene with Muffy and a broken dish.

Muffy: Have 3 hearts with Muffy exit your house around noon and Muffy will talk to you about her trip to a wedding.

Muffy: Have 4 hearts with Muffy and go to bed from 6-8PM. Muffy comes by and says she thinks she being followed.

Muffy: Have 4 hearts with Muffy and enter the bar around noon. This will trigger a scene where you take Muffy on a date.

Nami: Have 1 heart with Nami and leave your house around noon.

Nami: Have 2 hearts with Nami. Enter the bar when only Nami, Muffy, and Griffin are inside.

Nami: Have 3 hearts with Nami. Enter your house around 8.

Nami: Have 4 hearts with Nami. Enter the Inner Inn around 10PM.

Nami: Have 4 hearts with Nami and enter the Inn late winter.

Celia likes: Goddess Drop flowers

Muffy likes: Flowers and milk

Nami: Fossils and clay statues, cooking, crops, Trick Blue Flowers, and watermelons.

In the second year of the game, befriend Takakura. Walk in his house around 5-10 am and you'll see a giant plant. This plants name is Tartan. He can make hybrid crops.

Nami Comes Back to Town:
If you didnt marry Nami in the first chapter she would leave town. THeres a way to get her back. Note:This only works in the second year on the 7th day of Spring. To trigger this event you go into the Bar at 9:30 to 10:00. Muffy cant be inside for this event to work. At the end of the bar section of the scene choose "Go After" so you whold go outside and see Nami. At the end of the scene say "Stay as long as you like" and Nami would stay. You have to have at least 2 hearts with Nami for this to work. She has to like you at least for it to happen. If you forgot to do this then too bad because you wont see Nami ever again.

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