Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Free Bow

Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Free Bow

Free Bow

Purchase the bow and press A B Start Select and save the game as the rupees appear from your hand. Continue the game with the bow and your rupees.

Bomb Arrow

Configure the bombs and arrows as the two button items then press A B to shoot.

Bonus Music

Enter the h3 ZELDA casesensitive.

Easy Money

In level three the Boss will taunt you and say that you will never find him. To get unlimited rupies get to the Boss but do not ram the wall with the Pegasus Boots. Kill the blobs that fall on the screen for easy money.

Cheaper Purchases

Select an expensive item from the counter and begin payment. As your character's money is being deducted quickly press Start Select A B then save and quit the game. Reload the saved game to keep the item and most of the money used to purchase it.


Your character can steal from shop by taking an item and standing above the store keeper. As he looks towards of the top of the screen use the door to leave the shop. Note: Your character will be branded a thief and may never return to the same shop. However the game can be saved and reloaded if your character is killed by a store keeper which allows the store to be reentered without penalty.

Bonus Seashells

Find exactly five secret seashells then go to the Seashell Mansion. Enter then walk right until finding the water flowing up a big pipe. Another bonus shell can be found by doing this with exactly ten seashells. Note: Return to the Seashell Mansion with twenty seashels to obtain a level two power sword. This sword can shoot when your character's life is full.


Obtain the Boomerang and the Rooster. Throw the Boomerang and pick up the Rooster. The Boomerang should hover below you. You cannot get attacked by normal enemies but you may attack them.

Heart Piece Locations

Refer to the game map as a grid with 1 to 16 going left to right and A to Z going up and down. The heart pieces are located at the following coordinates:

1: 1K
2: 2I
3: 5E
4: 3G
5: 15M
6: 9H
7: 15C
8: 14M
9: 7H
10: 8A
11: 2A
12: 7I

Always Have Marin

Complete the first three levels and get Marin as a follower. Use the teleport hole to travel to the animal village. Move to the left then press Select just when you are about to enter the next screen. Your character should move across the screen. Marin will now remain in your party for the duration of the game.

Wall Check

Use the sword to stab at the walls. If a hollow clank is heard a bomb may be used to open the wall.

Screen Skip

Approach the edge of any screen and press Select just before it scrolls to the next . When done correctly your character will jump to the other side of the screen.

Crane Mini Game

Position the crane on the top left side of the screen with the shadow over the left moving conveyer belt. Wait until the desired item in the bottom right corner before dropping the crane.

FAQ v1.3

Please note: The following portion of the Solution is incorrect:

Fish Tales and Mermaid Scales:
Go to Animal Village. Grandma Ulrira is there but she left her broom in Mabe Village.

Grandma Ulrira is actually outside her home in the Mabe village.