Megaman 3 - Passwords


Total votes: 20


Boss Weapon Password
Shadow Man Mega Buster A0 c013 D3
Spark Man Shadow Blade B1 C03 D23
Snake Man Spark Shock A3 B3 C23 D2
Gemini Man Search Snakes A1 B01 C1 D1
Giant Suzy Mega Buster A1 B12 C0 D1
Dust Man Mega Buster A1 B3 C23 D3
Skull Man Dust Buster A1 B3 C23 D3
Dive Man Skull Ring A12 B3 C3 D3
Drill Man Dive Missiles A0 B02 C12
Saw Man A0 B0 C1 C2 B2
Dr. Wily Castle 1 A1 B01 C1 D1
Dr. Wily Castle 2 A0 B02 C12

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