Decoration and Illusion Score:
Some notes about my expierences in managing decoration and llusion score.

After playning some scenarios I tried to determine, how to design the park to
get the best illusion. All I this information was discovered by experimentation
and observation. There might be other aspects and elements implemented.
Also this is observed with version 1.2.

What decreases the score for a place:
- Infrastructure visibile.
- Demolished furniture (benches, trash cans, lamps).
- Junk on the pathes.
- Border fence.

Decoration elements increase the score but:
- There must be elements of decoration to any direction of a place.
- Just painted terrain does not count.
- Terraforming can help to hide bad elements.

Observations about Illusion Score:
- The most customers start with neutral or bad illusion score.
- The score rises when customers are at places with good decoration score.
- The score drops when customers are are places with bad decoration score.
- The score drops when customers see staff that is carrying stuff.
- It takes some time to build up a good illusion score.
- To forge illusion a slow moving ride in decorated environment is helpful
(e.g. Old Cars Ride).