Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots - Cheat mode


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Cheat mode

Press [Enter] during the game then type one of the following codes:

Toggle game pause - cheat pause <0 or 1>
Set all players to human and full map - cheat sandbox
Set AI state - cheat ai
Machine guns around every human capital - cheat safe
Set difficulty - cheat diff <0-5>
Display achievements - cheat achieve
Force alliance with nation - cheat ally
Force peace with nation - cheat peace
Force war with nation - cheat war
Force encounter with nation - cheat meet
Force encounter-off with nation - cheat unmeet
Turn off computer control - cheat human
Turn on computer control - cheat computer
Defeat nation - cheat defeat
Victory for nation - cheat victory
Show or change technology - cheat tech
Add indicated number of all resources - cheat resource all
Show or change age for nation - cheat age
Show or change military level for nation - cheat military
Show or change civic level for nation - cheat civic
Show or change commerce level for nation - cheat commerce
Show or change science level for nation - cheat science
Show or change all library tech levels for nation- cheat library
Toggle bounding box mode - cheat bbox <0 or 1>
Show combat ranges - cheat ranges <0 or 1>
Kill object or all selected - cheat die
Finishes selected buildings or next item in queue - cheat finish
Drop a Wild Bird at pointer location - cheat bird
Drop a Nuke at pointer location - cheat nuke
Packs the currently selected units, if they are packing units - cheat pack
Deploys the currently selected units, if they are deploying units - cheat deploy
Toggle full map - cheat reveal <0 or 1>
Change game explore configuration - cheat explore

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