RollerCoaster Tycoon - Mega Park


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Mega Park

Finish all the levels to get the Mega Park

Help Riders

To help riders coming off the coaster place benches near the coaster exits. This will help sick quests

Faster Scrolling

To Scroll Faster, move the mouse to the side or corner that you want to go and scroll.While scrolling Press one or two for diaginal of the arrow keys on the key board, and you should scroll super fast.

One Less Job For Handymen

When there are weeds growing out of the grass don't waste money on handymen just click on the raise/lower land icon and select grass and the weeds will disappear and it won't cost you a penny

Excitement Rating and Park Fee Tip

If your park entrance fee is free you can charge whatever the excitement rating is.
EX. rollercoaster rating-5.67=charge 5.60


To get more guests to come to your park, go to the marketing advertising page of the finances. Do all of the advertising and keep it running all the time. You should see alot more guests.


To get more money, have a free entry price, and charge 5.00 for large rollercoasters, and the lower the intensity of the rollercoaster, go down 50 cents in price. Keep all thrill rides at 2.00, and all gentle rides at 1.00, and all water rides between 2.50 to 3.50.

There are a few ways to get more cash, here's a few:
1. put a bathroom near a roller coaster and charge people.
2. Put a balloon stand where a lot of people go. you'll get lots of money

Wall Thriller

A nice addition to a rollercoaster ride is a Wall thriller. If the rollercoaster you're using has the "corkscrew" option select it either left or right. It will automatically switch to the opposite side left to right visa versa. but all you need to do is select the the same thingleft or right corkscrew. now you'll have a sort-of U-turn. stick a wall or something in front of the U-turn and it'll look like the rollercoaster will slam into the wall.

Mutalate Your Park

Get as many guests in your park, then undo the path to the exit. have no handymen and run only high barf rated rides. also have no garbage cans and lots of food stands, then, eventually remove the benches,don't forget to remove the bathrooms first

Killing Guests

First, select a rollercoaster that has a "powered Launch" or "Reverse incline" feature. Then build some parts of the rollercoasterdon't complete it Make sure that 1.people are on the ride 2.the ride has enough speed to fly off the track and 3.the ride is onrunning. If you did everything right, the rollercoastertrians&cars will burst into flames and crash

Give the Mad Ones some Space

If their are people that are very mad, the only thing you need to do is lower a block of land and place them in. It's like a time out for guests. If you place them in, then after a while, they will become happy faster than usual.

Building Tips

Building costs
Construction is cheaper on a level suface than an uneven one.
Park layout
Keep your park layout simple. Too many paths for instance confuse guestand get them lost or mad.
Station brakes tip
Always put brakes just before a station to slow the train to 4mph. This way, when your station brakes fail, you will not lose your roller coasterand get bad publicity.
Shops and Stalls
Park owners can charge the highest prices when their shops are near the backrear of the park. After walking that far, tired and hungry guests are more willing to pay high prices. However, when they are too closely packed, shop owners may end up competing for customers, causing the overall price to fall.

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