Serious Sam 2 - Demo Cheat Codesbr


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Start game as usual, open up the console with key and enter the
command below CaSe SeNsItIvE:


Once enabled, close the console press again and bring up the
mainmenu by pressing the ESCAPE key - now you can enable the basic
cheatmenu by pressing F1. Repeat as often as needed just remember you
have to be in the mainmenu ESC to trigger the cheatmenu with F1.

If you want to use the developer cheats simply use the following
command instead:


You can also Disable the cheats with:



Demo Cheat Codes
During the game press the [] key to open the console, and type in the following codes:


Press [] again, then press [Esc], and then [F1] while in the menu. Now you can select the cheats.

Lava stage: Armor puzzle
Just before you get the mini-gun, there is a door on your right. Open it and there will be armor on the other side. You must to step on the correct letters. The order is: S, E, R, I, O, U, S.

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