Space Siege - Cheat Codes


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Cheat Codes:
Press [ENTER] while playing, type the desired cheat code and press [ENTER] again.

Code - Result:
god - God Mode
heal - Full Health and Energy
killplayer - Suicide
alldevices - Max Out Inventory Materials
parts - Give Parts = amount
healthpacks - Give Health Packs = amount
allweapons - All Weapons
allabilities - All Abilities
skillpoints - Give Skill Points = amount
resetskills - Reset Skill Tree
brucesmash - One Hit Kills
onesmallstepforman - Give Space Suit

Press [ENTER] and type addcyber [part] to give cybernetics. Type equipcyber [part] to equip. Type removecyber [part] to remove. Parts can be eye, arm, hand, legs, brain, chest, spine or all.

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