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CIA headquarter strategy

When in the CIA headquarters level I kept getting caught when i ran into the metal detectors with they guard standing in the room in front of them. What i did was grab a coke can soon after i left the room with the 2 guys working in there. I came out of that area after typing in the computer and took a left. Then i snagged the can off of the trash thing between the two bathrooms. I knocked out the guard coming down the hall then continued to walk down in the hall in darkness, once i saw the guys shadow showing his head i walked really close to the window. I aimed the can so it would get thrown through the metal detector. Although it doesnt sound the detector it makes the guard in the room leave for a while. Once you see him leave go in the room and wait till he goes out the door at the end of the hall. once he does wait one second then go out the door to the left. After a couple minutes he will go back in his office. Now shoot out the lights one at a time because sometimes the guard will see you. once all the lights are out knock out the remaining people and continue on.

Finish CIA level

After you have knoked out mitchell go and get the sticky shockers and cameras and then carry him outsideafter you knock out the guared then go with him to the left side there is a gate then go through it and then you will come to a checkpiont save and then drop mitchell inside keep gping and in the next room there will be two gaurds and a civillian. Knock out the civillian with your mallee attack and then knock out the gaurds with your sticky shockers then go back and collect mitchell and go out the other door drop him off and go down the side part quietly knock out the gaurd then pick mitchell up again take him down the stairs and keep going forwared and you will see a van with three people baxter a civillian and a gaurd drop mitchell then grab the gaurd and interrogate him and YOU'VE FINISHED THE MISSION

Various Hints and Tips

For players that are stuck these tips come in VERY handy

1. Cameras cant spot you from long distances
2. Cameras cant pick up slow body movements dont go running across the room
3. If you hit a camera in the wrong place a small shower of sparks will show. DONT BE FOOLED Look for the big shower of sparks to disarm it. Only hitting it in the right area will disarm it.
4. Youre not superman. A 20 foot drop will kill you.
5. ALWAYS check under doors with the opticable. You dont want to walk in on a sleeping guard
6. Pace yourself. Always look for an answer to your problems. Lights, Cans, Bottles, and narrow hallways might help.
7. Do not save any items. Use them while you can because all items will be replenished at the end of a level. DO save bullets. You very rarely get any ammo in a level so if you can, use a KO method.
8. Its ok to kill a civilian. If one gets in your way, kill him. But dont kill two civilians or the mission is over.
9. Walk, dont run. Always crouch but never push too hard on the joystick; even running in crouch will alert the guards.
10. ALWAYS hide corpses. Many guards patrol many areas and it they find a dead man woman they will sound the alarms.
11. If a guard finds an unconscious man woman he will revive him/her.12. Use your resources. A can or a bottle will come in handy. Search for them in trash cans.
13. Rolling will help you not get burnt by fire.
14. Double jumping will help you reach high ledges.
15. Dont expect to have an easy time ever This game is a very challenging, so pace yourself and take your time. It is a strategy game.

Beating embassy level

When you have to get to the embassy you go past the truck and under the first semi and use the gas camera to make the man unconscious. Go out let the dog smell you and then go under the semi and use the gas camera and then take out the go across the bridge and laser mic the building and then the car.shoot at the light and then wait for the guys to come out and then use the gas camera. You then go past the small building and you should see a pole,climb it and then use the left d-pad you should see the girl there that you saw in the beginning. CONGRATS YOU BEAT THE LEVEL

Chinese Embassy: Part 2

At the start, go to the restaurant doors and enter. Go into crouch mode and walk past the wall. Two men will be eating and saying something about a bomb detonating. Aim your assault rifle and the table postmake sure the diversion camera is equiped. Shoot it and aim up and over until you have both men in sight and use the gas. Do not worry about hiding the bodies as they are only K.O. The cook in the kitchen is eady. Turn out the lights and knock him out when he goes over to turn them on. Go into the corner of the room by the window and go up the ladder. Go up the other ladder and across the boards. Their will be a guard so make the first right down the hall and behind the toilet. When he comes in...FIRE Hide him in the closet. Go out and go down the second hall onto the balcony. There will be a pole to your right. Go up it and onto the ledge. Shimmy all the way around until you can not go anymore. Drop down and go up the other pole. Go straight and fall through. SAVE IT The rest is pretty explanatory.

Extra Equipment Cia Level

Right after you have knocked out Mitchell turn around. Go to the last door in the hall. It will be marked UFO Sightings Office. Use your lock pick and unlock it. Go to the computer and get the data stick. It will be encrypted but, you can see the numbers 020781. Go to the keypad, type it in. Inside on the table to the right there is 2 sticky shockers and on the table to the left there is 5 reusable cameras. Take them and get the body. You may now proceed with the new equipment.

Get past cameras

if you want to get past cameras gust shoot the lights out

Level Select

Put in lamaudite for a name



Keypad Codesall

[Mission 1 - Police Station]
Keypad 1: 091772
Keypad 2: 5929

[Mission 4 - CIA HQ]
Keypad 1: 7687
Keypad 2: 110598
Keypad 3: 2019
Keypad 4: 110700
Keypad 5: 0614 if Dougherty gets through the door before you can

[Mission 5 - Kalinatek]
Keypad 1: 97531
Keypad 2: 33575
Keypad 3: 1250

[Mission 8 - Chinese Embassy, Part II]
Keypad 1: 1436
Keypad 2: 9753
Keypad 3: 1456
Keypad 4: 1834
Keypad 5: 7921

[Mission 9 - Presidential Palace]
Keypad 1: 2126
Keypad 2: 70021
Keypad 3: 66768

Defense Ministry Secret Area

In the beginning of the Defense Ministry mission, after you have gone through the first room and are in the hallway with the two guards one patrolling, the other on the left side of the hall facing away from you, crouch and sneak into the shadows on the left side of the wall. Go into the room on the left, behind the stationary guard. Walk straight through the door, then up the wooden planks. There will be a medkit on the wall -- take it. Turn back towards the wooden planks and look up. You should see a metal girder. Get close to the wall on the left and do a double jump to get on that girder. Once standing on it, there should be another girder in front of you. Jump and get on it. Then, turn around and you should see yet another girder. Jump on it. Directly in front of you should be a medkit and a disposable pick on a well lit platform. Jump to it, pick up the items, and turn around again. Run to the girder you do not have to jump. If done correctly, you should grab onto it. Press Y to release the girder and immediately hold Left Analog-stick Up to grab the next girder down. Then, press Y then B very quickly if you left the guards in the hall alive.

Hear Sam Whisper Funny "Quotes"

At the second level, The Police Station, it's second cause the Training is the first level.

When you go on the Zip Line on the balcony of the Police Station, and land in the building thats nearly on fire, Grimsdottir calls and says to go straight into the door thats open, then all of a sudden it explodes Then she says: "Damn, sorry about that" then like 2 seconds later you hear Sam Whisper: "Hah Happens all the time"

At the CIA HeadQuarters Level, where you have to look for that guys office, oh and it's 508.You hear that Grimsdottir got hurt or cut off, or kidnaped,something like that, then you hear Sam Whisper: "Good Grief"

At that same part go down the hall slowly then you look through some glass, and see about 4 guards watching the movie "Good Burger." Then put the controller down for about 5-10 minutes without putting it on pause then walk up ahead an inch then sam whispers: "But it was just getting to the good....." Then a guard hears your voice and comes.

When your in the Sour of the Chinese Embasy, you hear the 3 guards talking about how real PokeMon is, and then you shoot a Sticky Shocker at one guard, and he gets knocked out, then a guard should walk toward your way and turn a flashlight on and see you, then you should yell: "PIKA" and he'll get scared and run away.

Gas Equipment Tips

Whenever you see some enemies gathered, throw a Distraction Camera so that they will not notice it. After you have control over controlling the camera, continuously press the distracting whistle noise. The guards will come over, but if not all the guards are there that are in fairly close distance with the camera, then keep making the distracting noise. Once some of the guards are over there, release the gas. Sometimes the guards may just cough a few times, but not get knocked on conscious.

This is an equivalent of the gas that is in the Distraction Camera. However, this has a taller and wider gas range. Also, instead of spraying in one direction, this is like a gas cloud. Whenever you see a group of enemies, you will want to ricochet these off of a wall and get it so that it's positioned near the enemies. It will burst open and gas will fly out. Again, the enemies may not be knocked on conscious. Usually, depending on how close you throw it to the enemies, the enemies will immediately be alerted.

Thermal goggle keypad reading

The keypad is based on color it goes from Deep Blue, Blue, Light Green, Green, yellow, and orange-ISH for example if you looked on a keypad after someone and put in a code and see a dark blue at 5, light blue at 4, light green at 3, and orange-ISH 2 than the code is 5-4-3-2.

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