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Unlimited Influence:
This glitch will help you make your influence never end. First, you need to have
an upgraded Command Center 2 on your home base. Then, you need to find a trader
and buy some 9mm or 22mm rounds. Sell them one piece at a time, and then buy them
back again one piece at a time.

Do this kind of trading while using Broadcast, which increases your influence by
10%. So for each traded round, you will earn more influence, which will result
in a solid profit. You can exploit this every time and never have to worry about
your influence ever again.

Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game.
It is likely to eventually get patched.

New Game Plus Mode:
State of Decay 2 does have a new game plus mode in the form of future communities.
Once all the Plague Hearts have been taken care of in State of Decay 2, the leader
of your community will have a legacy they want to leave for future generations. To
do this, you’ll need to complete a number of objectives and goals, and once this
is done, you’ll “complete” the game and unlock a perk for future playthroughs,
essentially providing a new game plus mode. What the perk is depends on who you’ve
elected to be your leader in State of Decay 2.

What’s more, all of your surviving characters are saved and can be introduced when
starting over in State of Decay 2’s new game plus, though if you just want to start
from scratch, you can do exactly that, too.

With a number of different starting duos to choose from and a number of different
locations you can start at too, there’s plenty of reason to keep on scavenging and
slaying in State of Decay 2 after you’ve helped your first leader realize their legacy.

How Do I Get Influence?:
You are given a small amount of influence points while playing the game. It can
be rewarded randomly when killing zombies or by completing certain actions or
missions that NPC characters offer to you.

Another way to get Influence points is to trade items with other communities.
Certain items like soap have no use in the game’s crafting system and only exist
to be sold to other communities for large amounts of influence points.

How To Deal with Infection:
The worst part of the zombie apocalypse is getting infected. Yes, you can become
a zombie — thankfully, only one type of zombie will increase your infection meter.
The red-eyed zombies are faster, stronger, and deadlier than standard zombies - and
the red-eyed zombies also carry the blood plague.

When they attack you, your infection meter will increase. Fill the meter up, and a
timer will appear — if you don’t get a cure before the timer runs out, you’ll become
a zombie. That’s an instant game over.

NOTE: If you don’t have any Plague Samples, place a survivor in the Infirmary for
treatment. You won’t be able to play as them, and they’ll use multiple medical
supplies a day, but it will completely stop the rise of the infection.

To successfully fight the infection, you’ll need to construct the Infirmary at
your HQ. There are two ways that you can b fight the infection.

Blood Plague Therapy:
Therapy will lower your infection meter to zero when used.
This requires 3 Plague Samples.

Blood Plague Cure:
The Cure will save you if you’ve been infected with the Blood Plague. Only use
this if you’ve been infected and the timer to zombification has appear.
This requires Infirmary 2, and 5 Plague Samples.

To get Blood Plague Samples, you’ll need to hunt red-eyed zombies found scattered
throughout the map — the red-eyed zombies will especially appear at night. I
recommend shooting them dead from a safe vantage point. It’s far, far better to
simply cure the Blood Plague. Just wait until the timer begins — no need to cure
it too quickly, when you’re bound to just get infected again.

Unlimited Stamina Glitch:
You will have to pay attention to the blue gauge located on the bottom-left corner
of your screen. That’s the stamina gauge, and the red one is your health gauge. When
you run or do any other physical action, the blue gauge will quickly go down.

As a result, you will have to wait a bit for it to recover. But if you don’t want to
wait and would rather just use this infinite stamina glitch, then simply press LB and
tap it. You will notice that your character will keep moving without using your
stamina at all.

Beginner tips:
The following are ten tips to help when starting the game:

1. Choose Your Home Base Wisely: Your Home Base is your central hub. It is where you
do all your construction, and where survivors from your community gather. While the
first Home Base is normally chosen for you, in the form of a story objective, you are
free to choose one after that. You can only have one Home Base at a time, and when
you choose a second, your previous is destroyed. Each Home Base offers different
slots for construction -- so make sure the spots offer what you need.
Each map features a "master" base, which is the best of all the bases.
You can easily spot these, as they cost 3,500 Influence Points each.

2. Resources: Resources are important to your success. There are consumables and
items that you can find and use yourself, but there are also community resources.
These resources are special, as they always come in the shape of a large sack that
you carry on your back. You can only carry a single sack at a time, but you can
also load up your trunk. When you return these sacks to your Home Base, the
resources go towards your community. Having enough food, medical supplies, and
crafting materials ensures your community is safe and maintains a high level
of morale.

3. Vehicles Are Valuable: Vehicles are a very valuable resource. They allow you
to safely travel long distances, avoid dangerous zombie types, and you can fill
up your trunk with lots of supplies during each run. Do not waste your repair kits
and fuel early in the game, especially on vehicles that do not offer much utility.
Find the vehicles that have the most capacity and use those for the start of your
journey, ensuring you always return to Home Base with more resources than your
last expedition cost.

4. Beware Of Traveling To New Maps: While State Of Decay 2 features three playable
maps at launch, they are not really connected. The map you start on is the only map
you can explore for that community. If you leave the map through one of the roads
that leads to another area, it will completely wipe your progress in your current
map, and you will start again in a new area.

5. Create A Custom Community: When you first start the game, you are given the
choice of a few starting communities. Any of these can work depending on your
playstyle and approach, but there is a little trick if you want more control.
Complete the tutorial with any of the pre-made communities -- the tutorial is
complete once you have occupied your first Home Base. Then, exit to the main menu,
and go to "Manage Communities". Choose a new community to have several additional
options appear; choose to skip the tutorial. This allows you to continuously
randomize three different survivors to start your community, including unique
and exciting skills.

6. Pay Attention To Skills: All survivors have basic skills: Fighting, Cardio,
Shooting, etc. However, there is also a slot for a final skill. These are unique
skills that can greatly help your communities efforts. Some boost experience
points rates by up to 100%. Others unlock powerful new moves in combat, and some
allow you to build special facilities at your Home Base.

7. Switch Survivors Often: Your survivors can become exhausted or injured during
their expeditions. This drastically reduces their overall performance and greatly
increases their chances of a serious accident. You can use many items to refill
stamina, but the best way to ensure your survivors are in great shape is to switch
them out often. Visit your beds in your Home Base to switch to other members of
your community.

8. Choose Your Leader Wisely: As your community members earn standing points, they
can rank up from Civilian to Hero. Once they reach the Hero rank, you can assign
them as a leader, but choose carefully. There are four types of leaders in the game,
and each of the four types will take you on a different set of story objectives.
Once you have chosen a leader, you can only replace them by exiling them from your
community. Before choosing, make sure your leader is someone you are sure you
want to keep with you for the rest of the game.

9. Do Not Waste Your Outposts: In addition to your Home Base, you can occupy
Outposts. While the slots are limited, you can occupy up to six different Outposts
alongside your Home Base. Some of the benefits are basic, such as additional beds,
while others can offer valuable items and assets, such as free coffee (great for
stamina) or electric and water supply. Pay close attention to the resources
your community runs out of the most. Try to compensate by finding Outposts that
provide that asset. They are automatically delivered to your Home Base every
day -- so minimal maintenance is required.

10. Beware Of Plague Zombies: You can tell Plague Zombies apart from traditional
zombies, as they are usually dark red. In addition to the typical health damage
they inflict when they strike you, they also cause Blood Plague damage. When you
accumulate enough Blood Plague damage, you become infected and will die from it
if you do not quickly cure it.

Advanced tips:
The following are 16 advanced tips to help complete the campaign more quickly
and easily:

1. Use Random Survivor Rolls For Rare Skills: At the start of a new game, if you
skip the tutorial, you can re-roll a set of three survivors. Always try to get
three survivors with special rare skills —- Computers, Chemistry, Gardening, and
especially Medicine. Standard skills do not matter, as you will be able to
naturally level those up.

2. Fire-Crackers Are The Best Item: Decoys (fire-crackers in particular) are
the best item in the game. Always bring a few fire-crackers with you on all
outings. They are easy and cheap to create (10 parts at the workshop), and
they will help you escape any deadly situation. If you are outnumbered by
zombies and need to make a quick escape, throw fire-crackers and run to your car.

3. Only Answer Help Calls From Current Enclaves: Once you establish a base, you
will regularly get calls for help. It can be difficult to tell who you should
be helping. If you have allied (or even neutral) enclaves on your map, only
answer those calls. You can safely ignore the calls from random strangers, as
it does not matter if you skip them. If you skip local enclave calls, they will
become cold and eventually hostile towards you.

4. Random Enclave Calls And Stranger Jobs Give Rucksacks: If you complete side
missions for enclaves, or rescue survivors then refuse to let them join your
community, they will usually drop a resource rucksack on the ground after they
stop following you. They do not say anything about giving it to you -- it will
just appear on the ground. Make sure not to miss it.

5. Ally With Enclaves For Bonus Status Effects, Survivors, And Faster Influence:
It is very beneficial to become friends with every local enclave. Once you become
allies, you will unlock bonus special status effects, such as extra storage and
unique radio commands. You can also earn more influence through trade, or even
obtain useful survivors. Talk to allied enclaves to recruit any of their members
—- it will cause the enclave to disappear, but it is worth it if they have
skills you need.

6. Do Not Worry About Clearing Out Infestations: Your community will constantly
complain about the level of infestation on the map. It really is not worth the
effort to clear out infestations. You will only earn a small amount of respect
and influence, and morale will improve —- but the morale effects can easily be
countered. Focus on collecting resources and helping allies. If you have nothing
else to do, you can then consider clearing out some infestations.

7. Go To Every Survey Site, Then Use The Radio To Locate All Plague Hearts: To
quickly complete the Plague Hearts goal, you need to locate all the Plague
Hearts. Usually, there are about 12 Plague Hearts on every map. Slowly move from
your starting point and stop at all survey towers to scout the environment.
Usually you will locate hearts, but eventually you may have a hard time finding
the final one or two hearts. When that happens, use the radio and request a
Plague Heart location.

8. Build Six Pipe/Soda Can Bombs To Quickly Destroy Plague Hearts: Plague Hearts
are your main goal for most of the game. To destroy them safely while solo (even
with the weakest survivor), you just need a lot of explosives and a decoy or two.
It helps to bring as many decoys and explosives as you possible (a gun is also
helpful). Simply put down a decoy outside the Plague Heart, then run inside and
hit the heart with all the bombs you can.

9. Save Your Influence For The Best Base —- Only Move Once: Influence is extremely
valuable -- so do not waste it on unnecessary things. There are six bases on every
map —- your goal is to earn either 1,500 or 3,500 influence so you can purchase
the large base (low customization) or the huge base (high customization) for your
community. Before selecting a new base, search the map and unlock all of them.
You can get an overview of a base's facilities from the map menu.

10. Break Down Resources For Instant And Better Rewards: If you are full on
storage and have too many resources, break them down for bonus rewards that are
even better than if you take them back to base and deposit them. For example,
you will spend one gas resource to get a gas can, but if you break down a gas
rucksack outside your base, you will get one gas can and two Molotov cocktails.

11. Raid Evacuation Sites, Military Comms, And Police Stations For The Best
Weapons: Military areas and government buildings are where you can find the best
weapons. Guns stores are good for ammo resources, pistols, and rifles, but go
to Evacuation Sites, Military Comms Stations, and Military Checkpoints for
assault rifles, grenade launchers, and high-tech mods. You can get shotguns
from Police Stations. Shotguns are one of the best weapons for killing freaks.

12. Craft Silencers For Bolt-Action Rifles and Revolvers: Silencers are a great
addition to almost any weapon, but they are best equipped to bolt-action rifles,
or revolvers if you have enough ammo. Silencers make your shots much quieter,
but also cause your weapon to break down and lose durability quicker. Revolvers
and bolt-action rifles never lose durability -- so you never have to worry
about wasting parts to repair them. Silencers also never break -- so you can
use them as much as desired. Upgraded workshops also provide better silencers.

13. Use Mods To Unlock The Best Facilities/Abilities: Mods allow you to not
have to provide power to your entire base or unlock water if you have Portable
Power Generators or Water Coolers. Search for facility mods whenever you go
on resource raids, and bring them back if you find them. They are very
valuable -— install a mod and check to see if they require anything else.
Water Coolers and Portable Generators need to be filled daily. A good
generator only needs one gas per day. The best mod is the High-Powered
Antennae. When this mod is installed at a Command Center, it gives you access
to another outpost. Look for it in military areas or government buildings.

14. Use Guns Against Freaks: Normally, you never want to fight a Freak within
melee range. Bloaters need to be shot in the head (or stomach), and Screamers
also need a head shot to take down before they yell. Run Ferals down with
your vehicle, or use a shotgun to quickly kill them. Juggernauts are the most
difficult, but any weapon can work on them. Hide in a house and headshot them
until they are dead. It usually takes about 15-20 bullets, depending on the
power of your weapon.

15. Use Guns Against Humans: Eventually, you will fight human enemies in the
game. Use guns against them. Humans are pretty resilient, unless you get a
headshot, which is an instant kill. Flashbangs and fire-crackers are also
very helpful against humans. When fighting humans, drop fire-crackers near
them and zombies will swarm toward them. Usually you will be outnumbered --
so the undead will be drawn to your enemy's gun shots. Aim carefully and
wait in chokepoints, then headshot the incoming humans before they can shoot
you. Their guns can kill your survivors extremely quickly -- so make sure to
play it safe.

16. Complete Legacy Goals To Unlock New Game+ Bonuses: There are four legacy
goals you can complete to win a game in State Of Decay 2: Sheriff, Builder,
Trader, and Warlord. For each legacy goal completed, you can select a card
at the start of a New Game+ to get a special bonus. You can select up to
two cards -- so it is worth completing the story many times so you get great
bonus rewards at the start of New Game+. For example, completing the Sheriff
goal will get you a bunch of rare loot daily.

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