Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha - Play as Akuma


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Play as Akuma

At the Player Select screen press Up R1 Down L2 Right L1 Left R2. This code needs to be entered quickly for it to work. If it doesn't work go to Guile to try again. When it does work go to Guile to play as Akuma.

4 More Characters

Put the cursor on Practice in the Main Menu. Press Select Up Right Down Right Select.

Play as Evil Ryu Evil Hokuto Cycloid Beta Cycloid Gamma

Get 400 points on Expert mode in Practice mode. 100 points for each new character respectively.

Bonus Mode

Go to Practice mode press quickly Select Up Up Right Up Right Up Select.

Hidden Characters

At the Mode Select screen highlight Practice and press Select Up Right Down Right Select.

Play with Cracker Jack's Aluminum bat

Select Cracker Jack then press and hold Up Square Circle R1 and R2 until the fight starts.

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