Total Drivin' - Extra Levels


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Extra Levels

Moscow 2Use the ramp to jump over the barriers and when you're clear head for the left side of the large building on the right. On the side of it is a bonfire. Drive into the bonfire for the first extra level.Use the ramp to jump over the barriers then look for an alleyway with an orange light at the end between two buildings. Drive towards the light quickly.Egypt Level 1Drive until you come to a long left turn around a valley with a sea in it. Pass the wooden bridge and watch for a temple on the right. You have to enter from the side you are coming from. The extra level entrance is on the other side of the temple.Eastern Island Level 2From the start turn your car around and drive to where you see a cruiseboat. On your left you will find a red and white barrier and behind that you'll find a small road. At the end of that road will be the level warper.Switzerland Level 1Follow the track through the village and under the cablecar. You will enter a tunnel which you should continue through until you cross a small bridge. To the left are a number of buildings. Drive off the road and around the other side of the buildings. You will find a yellow and rad spinning shape level warper.Scotland Level 3As you are racing you will enter a wooded area. Back up and drive off the road and behind the crash barriers. About halfway down this hill is a spinning level warp.

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