WWE Wrestlemania XIX - Use Opponents Specials

WWE Wrestlemania XIX - Use Opponents Specials

Use Opponents Specials

Go into special mode by pressing the AB buttons. Then go to your opponent and press ABRL in the correct position. You will then use your opponents special.

Get Hidden Weapons...

In order to get hidden weapons you must discover them by looking under the apron and or stealing someone's prop and interfere in there entrance and take their weapon/prop. You will be bale to keep the weapon. in order to keep it you must at least hit the opponent with it once.

Easy Money

You will get 5,000 for finishing all of the tutorial. As long as you don't skip anything, you will get the money

Performing the 619

Your opponent must be dazed standing and u must have a finisher run to the rops and press back ab and u will hit them far enough back to do the west coast pop

Easy K.O. In a Row

For an easy K.O. get a weapon and aim for the head, keep hitting until K.O. To K.O. another person DON'T use the same weapon, it takes way longer, use a different weapon.

All characters

To get all characters beat all objectives.

Get Parking Lot Unlocked

Finish the parking lot using Revenge Mode

Get Vince's Bodyguards Unlocked

Finish the mission's that include one of Vince's Bodyguards using Revenge Mode to unlock each bodyguard. There are 20 in all.

Get Construction Site Unlocked

Finish the construction site using Revenge Mode

Get Harbor Unlocked

Finish the harbor using Revenge Mode

Get Shopping Mall Unlocked

Finish the shopping mall using Revenge Mode

Get Warehouse Unlocked

Finish the first four locations using Revenge Mode

Get All Secret Moves Unlocked

Finish the revenge mode 1 times to unlock secret moves for Create A Superstar

Unlock Secret championship

Complete sweet revenge mode using every character And complete path of a champion by winning every title in 24 hours

Getting the briefcase in parking lot in revenge mode

To get the briefcase for Stephanie in the parking lot in revenge mode, you simply beat down Vince's henchmen and give the two henchmen your SPECIAL. From there, climb the pole with y, and get a good camera view with c stick. Then when your even with the briefcase, hold up y. You should have the briefcase.