Ancient Evil : The Curse of the Snake Cult


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The King has been murdered, and fear grips the people of Olyndsia.

The Ophilia Sect, an unholy cult of snake worshippers has assassinated the rightful King. It is up to you, as a special agent of the Royal Guard to hunt down the cult's leader, a twisted former criminal name Klug, and bring him to justice.

You must enter the lair of the cult, and use all of your wits and cunning to survive the tricks and traps that lie in wait. Use an array of hand-to-hand weapons, and devastating magic spells to tackle a myriad of evil monsters.

Prepare yourself for a new adventure in the game world of Ancient Evil. A new threat has emerged that could mean the end for the land of Olyndsia : the evil, snake-worshiping Ophilia Sect!! As a secret agent of the Royal Guard, you must infiltrate their headquarters and stop their vile plans, before all of Olyndsia is enslaved.

Presented through a 3D isometric view, Ancient Evil : The Curse of the Snake Cult uses high resolution graphics, featuring real-time colored lighting and real-time dynamic shadows.

Using an enhanced version of the Ancient Evil game engine, Ancient Evil : The Curse of the Snake Cult uses Microsoft Direct3D to support most 3D cards on the market. As a result, expect accelerated action, and enhanced colored lighting, shadows and special effects.

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