Merchant Prince 2


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Welcome to the age of the Renaissance, a time of miraculous advances and extraordinary discoveries. Opportunities for the brave and adventurous abounded. Trade and exploration dominated the era, as wondrous Venice grew to prominence. Wealth beyond dreams flowed through Venetian coffers, as this tiny city came to control much of the known world.

Merchant Prince II is a turn-based strategy game of economic, political, and military conquest. Venture deep into the heart of the Renaissance, a time when valiant traders braved storms, pirates, and disease to amass fortunes. Chart the treacherous Atlantic and overcome the desert heat, bringing untold wealth back from the four corners of the Earth. Join in the vicious politics, bribing senators, buying cardinals, and seizing offices ranging from General of the Venetian Home Army to the Pope himself! Venice stands on the brink of greatness. Where it goes from here is entirely up to you!

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