The Settlers IV


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[[The Demo]]

THE SETTLERS IV demo has finally arrived! The demo provides a great opportunity for all those who would like to get to know THE SETTLERS IV and its gorgeous, revamped graphics to do just that, not to mention the chance the demo gives you to delve into the murky world of the Dark Tribe…

The demo version includes

Two tutorial maps
The first two original tutorials from the full version of THE SETTLERS IV
One single-player map.

[[The Story]]

Morbus is an instigator with decidedly darker ambitions and because he instigates a revolt against HIM, the highest of the gods, he is called upon to receive his punishment. He is banned to the most horrible place in the universe that he can possibly imagine - Earth. Morbus hates everything that is green! As soon as he arrives on Earth, Morbus and his "Dark Tribe" begin their battle against earthly greenery and the Settler world.

What is New?

The most substantial changes in THE SETTLERS® IV are:

Incredibly detailed graphics in which the characters, buildings and landscapes take on a new level of quality! The improved zoom function makes viewing even the smallest details a new pleasure!

The "Dark Tribe", as a completely new game element. This element fuses the construction component and strategic elements of The Settlers more closely together!

A multitude of new features in the areas of construction, strategy, multiplayer and Internet play!

THE SETTLERS IV builds on the tried-and-true game principle of the preceding Settlers, but is in essence a very new game. Fans will be able to recognize "their" Settlers, but also discover a number of innovations and new details.

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