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Many years ago the Golraths, an aggressive and merciless nation living not far from our galaxy, started to conquer and enslave other galaxies and to exterminate the population. So the other nations formed an alliance against the aggressive Golraths. This independent military organisation was named "Alliance of Avares" or just "Ares", after its place of foundation.
The ultimate ambition of Ares was to stop the Golrates and to live peacefully and in freedom. The members of Ares were even prepared to use all necessary means. So a cruel war raged for a long time, but in the end the members of the alliance defeated the Golraths. After that great victory the years passed by.
Over the time corruption and mischief arose among the allies which resulted in disruption and chaos. The nations of Ares became bitter enemies and the former alliance lost its importance. But secretly some loyal troops have been trying to re-establish the alliance of Avares until now ...
During the game the story is continued by means of videos.

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