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[[Full-contact action]]"Full-contact action" is the phrase Bungie has coined to describe Oni. It isn't just an empty slogan, either. What makes Oni different from other third-person action fare is its combination of running, leaping, rolling, and shooting, as well as martial arts. The game employs a standard keyboard/mouse 3D shooter control scheme, but adds a punch button and a kick button, which should allow greater combat versatility than similar games. [images]Hitting those buttons in different combinations allows you to execute a wide variety of combat moves, giving you unprecedented options on how to handle a combat situation. You'll be able to kick weapons from opponents' hands, pepper their ugly mugs with your fists of fury, and then topple them with a roundhouse kick. [images]Or you can pick up someone's gun and blow away his friends. Bungie also says that Oni will have advanced AI, similar to Eidos' Thief: The Dark Project, so at times it may be necessary to hide silently.

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