NO$GBA v2.6a


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This highly compatible GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS emulator has yet again been updated, this time to v2.6a.

No$gba v2.2 contains some NDS emulation support.
No$gba v2.3 contains almost full NDS emulation support including 3D.
No$gba v2.3a now also contains NDS sound emulation.
No$gba v2.3b couple of bug fixes and details.
No$gba v2.3c some important nds-related additions/fixes.
No$gba v2.3d adds microphone support, 3d video improvements, full dos-dpmi compatibilty, and more programming specs.
No$gba v2.4 skinning support and more.
No$gba v2.4a fixes a newly discoverd adpcm sound bug...
No$gba v2.4b basic DS Wifi emulation, and full GBA e-Reader emulation
No$gba v2.4c some final details (mainly GUI and e-Reader related)
No$gba v2.4d lots of new info on wifi and ds-lite
No$gba v2.4e nds cheats
No$gba v2.4f couple of new details
No$gba v2.5 more and faster
No$gba v2.5a debug version bugfix
No$gba v2.5b 3d frameskip, 3d vram viewer, wifi details
No$gba v2.5c some stuff
No$gba v2.6 3d software rendering (circa 2x faster than opengl)
No$gba v2.6a faster/better 3d shadow/edge/polyid/capture, backup detect, and more