Dropzone Free Full Game


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Dropzone is a 15-30 minute narrative and exploration experience that allows you to explore a piece of New Mombasa never before seen! As an ODST, you can explore and find the narrative behind the environment, or just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. It is your choice! Put on some headphones, sit back and enjoy an immersive experience through a reimagination of one of the best settings in video game history!


Walk = WASD

Look = Mouse

Shoot = Left Mouse Button

Interact = E

Visor = Q

Pause = Esc


If performance is an issue for you, console commands have been left on to allow you to customize your experience. While it is not recommended to use console commands, you have the full suite of options at your disposal. To lower the screen resolution and improve performance, press '~' and enter 'r.ScreenPercentage [value between 25-100]'.

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