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Furcadia is the magical world where the beasts have learned to walk upon two legs and speak.
Control an avatar of your choice and explore this magical world. You can choose between Canine, Equine, Feline, Musteline and Rodent (and soon to be - Rabbits!). There is a friendly atmosphere in this world that is home to many, and an established community which has been growing and developing for years.

FURCADIA! is the multi-user online community with 3D rendered animated graphics, magnificent music, whimsical games, a friendly atmosphere, and an exciting setting for roleplay and adventure.

You don't have to roleplay, but Furcadia provides an exciting Medieval setting for it and you can dream up your own world and make it real by using Furcadia's Dream Editor.

Furcadia was created with your imagination in mind - and this is shown by the huge amount of freedom this program allows you, which no other game offers. You can edit and create Furcadia's art ("patches") and include the patched files in your Dream (custom maps), which in turn can be uploaded to the world - so other people can visit and see your work! Or you can just explore what others have created, and make some new friends. There are several all different and intriguing main maps waiting for you to discover. Best of all, Furcadia is forever free.

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