Rift City Rebels Free Full Game

Rift City Rebels Free Full Game Rift City Rebels Free Full Game Rift City Rebels Free Full Game Rift City Rebels Free Full Game Rift City Rebels Free Full Game

Rift City Rebels is a multiplayer platform fighter set in a near-future reimagining of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Play as one of seven exciting characters and battle for control of the Downtown Exclusion Zone! 

The game features two unique stages representing some iconic Winnipeg landmarks. Take to the Red River chasm on the Esplanade stage, or visit Osborne Station in the heart of the Exclusion Zone! Both maps have multiple variations, each staged and lit by a different artist to show a different take and mood on the same environment.

Each of the game's seven characters were designed by a programmer and artist in tandem, honing their visuals and gameplay to make them shine in this vibrant cast of heroes, villains, and one mysterious forest creature. Every character has their own normal and special attacks, differentiating them from their fellow Rifters.

The rules of Rift City Rebels are simple: knock your opponents off the stage to win! Your attacks and abilities will damage your opponents, increasing their damage percentage. The higher a player's damage percentage, the further they'll be knocked back by enemy attacks. Some characters, like the imposing Warden, can handle their share of the punches but others, like the axe-weilding Signe, are light enough to knock out after only a few good hits! Be sure to jump and dodge around attacks before landing one of your hard-hitting special moves.

If you've been knocked off the stage, it's not the end! Use your air jump, your air dodge and your unique up special to get back to safety. Be careful, though! A conniving opponent might try to interrupt your recovery with projectiles or air attacks of their own.

Rift City Rebels was inspired by games we spent our childhoods playing and the city most of us call home. 


Keyboard and Mouse:

Move/Directional Inputs: WASD

Mouse Left Click: Attack

Mouse Right Click: Special

Space: Jump

Left Shift: Parry/Dodge

P: Pause



Navigate: WASD or Arrow Keys

Confirm: E or Enter

Back: Q

Start Game: Space

Change Game Mode: M

Add/Remove CPUs: Page Up/Page Down

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