Tropical Storm


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Tropical Storm is an extremely well made First Person squad based wargame.
In the game an unlikely partnership between Marxist rebels, drugrunning Facist insurgents, and terrorists from the Greenland Liberation Army has established several bases on small islands in the Pacific Ocean. As a commando with a fairly dramatic-sounding name, it's your job to blow them to bits.

Your mission will be complicated by the large number of identical looking Commie soldiers prowling around the island. Moreover, using ancient Marxist reincarnation technology, they will reappear alive and well at a bunker, several seconds after being killed. So, you have to move fast to destroy all the buildings you can with your absurdly powerful grenades. You can't blow up the bunkers, so don't even try.

Game features include:
Huge outdoor levels, Deformable terrain-dig trenches, hiding in craters made by artillery fire, etc., Skeletal animation system for fluid and complex character movement, Advanced particle system effects, Real-world weapons, character classes, and damage models.

A variety of multiplayer modes are planned.

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