Greatest Mod v18 FULL RELEASE (Fixed)

Greatest Mod v18 FULL RELEASE (Fixed)

This is the all-new Heroes IV experience for the XXI century gamer! - New factions, heroes and spells! - Doesn't overwrite anything (completely modular mod) - Easy install: Just paste into Heroes IV folder and play - Many rebalances and fixes - Countless all-new super-brushes for your maps - Numerous new maps to play or complete - List of finished and unfinished maps - Map editor to use Equilibris objects - Incorporated hero creatures by default - New special heroes such as the cursed pirate-skeleton - Improved and changed heroes and portraits (in progress) - Changed and rebalanced most/all Creature Banks, including Equilibris ones - Changed and rebalanced all creatures - All-new starting hero classes - Completely changed playable factions, - With separate Inferno and Necropolis! - AND a new Shipwreck, sea-based faction - All spells rebalanced and rearranged - And much, much more! Discover it yourself...

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