AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs may allow for 5GHz RAM

AMD's next generation CPUs might do more than just increase the speed of the processor itself. They might enable new, unprecedented memory overclocks, with a new report suggesting Ryzen 3000, Zen 2-based processors will support memory frequencies up to 5,000MHz.

This information dump comes from the creator of the DRAM Calculator for Ryzen Processors, Yuri "1usmus" Bubliy. He claims to have an inside line on the Ryzen 3000 specifications and capabilities and one of those, he says, is that the next-gen CPUs can enable memory frequencies up to 5GHz. Considering how responsive first and second-generation Ryzen CPUs have been to overclocking memory, it's quite possible that the next-gen chips will see impressive performance improvements with higher speed RAM.

Thankfully prices have come down dramatically in recent months.

At a maximum frequency for the memory, we wouldn't expect many chips to be able to handle 5GHz and most RAM kits certainly won't be able to. But for those with ample cooling, power, and luck, they could see huge increases in memory performance with Ryzen 3000. That should be an overclocker's dream.

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