ATI Ships All-In-Wonder Radeon 7500

ATI has started shipping the new ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 7500, in North America. The card, which is expected to carry a US$ 199 price tag, is powered by the RADEON 7500 GPU and carries 64 Mb of DDR memory. Advertised as offering powerful TV, video capture & editing, and 2D/3D graphics performance, the card is packed with PC on TV features.
Just take a look at the list of features:

Awesome TV features


* Pause live TV or record live broadcasts and watch them later

* Get instant replays of favorite programs

* Click through the transparent live TV window to access your desktop - no more moving the TV window to get to your work!

* Use the integrated Gemstar GUIDE Plus+ Interactive Program Guide to view and search TV listings by category, actor/performer, or date. Schedule and record programs at the click of a mouse - all the benefits of a Personal Video Recorder without the monthly fees

* Amazing TV features including:

* TV Magazine - images and text from TV programs allowing you to read and archive TV programs

* Hot Words - real-time notification when selected words are detected in programming

* Zoom & pan - zoom in on the action on-screen and choose your own close-ups

* Intelligent Teletext on your PC

DVD features

* Experience home theater with DVD and digital audio output on a PC

* Industry-leading DVD playback with AC-3 Digital Audio output to enable Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound

* ATI's VIDEO IMMERSION technology allows for adaptive de-interlacing for excellent quality motion video and text

* Radio-frequency remote control

* Control the TV, video, DVD and gaming features of the ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 7500 from another room in the house using ATI's remote control

* No need to point the remote control at the receiver - connect your PC to your TV and watch DVDs, search channels, or record TV shows from your couch

Easily edit video into your own creations

* Capture still images and analog video in MPEG-2 format at up to 720x480 30 frames-per-second resolution

* Powerful video editing software allows you to add effects, transitions, sounds, and more to video footage

* Create your own personal productions to share with family and friends

Dual display technology

* Connect to a TV and a monitor (VGA or DVI) simultaneously - expand your active desktop space

* HYDRAVISION software provides a flexible, user-friendly interface for multiple display settings

* Set applications to automatically open in your preferred position on the monitor and eliminate the need to reset the computer every time you turn it on

Powerful 2D and 3D performance

* Powered by the RADEON 7500 GPU and 64MB DDR memory for advanced 3D graphics

* Delivers realistic 32-bit color graphics without a PC performance decline

* CHARISMA ENGINE and PIXEL TAPESTRY technologies allow for phenomenally realistic 3D graphics details

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