ATI-Valve Team-Up for GDC

ATI has announced its full lineup of activities for the upcoming Game Developers Conference, being held in San Jose, CA, March 22-26. ATI plans include demonstrations of a variety of its products by partners, including Valve. ATI's booth will showcase the latest in its graphics technology and will feature a wide cross-section of industry leaders from hardware, software and development.
Daily technical sessions will be held throughout the week, on subjects ranging from OpenGL Shading Language, shader effects and engine development, and will be presented by ATI engineers and developers.

Ati has planned the whole event as a showbiz do and on the ATI stage, sessions by industry partners including Discreet and Alias will be seen. Softimage and Valve Software will show how ATI FireGL workstation products supported the tools used to create features of the greatly anticipated Half-Life 2. Some of the other highlighted ATI theatre presentations include: Valve Software showing the Half-Life 2 engine and the ATI Handheld group walking audiences through the future of 3D gaming for cell phones.

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