Aura : Fate of the Ages Goes Gold

Aura : Fate of the Ages Goes Gold Aura : Fate of the Ages Goes Gold Aura : Fate of the Ages Goes Gold

The Adventure Company announced that Aura: Fate of the Ages has gone gold. A challenging first-person adventure game, Aura features an in-depth fantasy storyline, stunning graphics, inventive puzzles and an intuitive point and click interface. Aura will be available in retail stores on June 24th.

Aura's immersive story is based on an ancient legend that tells of a set of sacred rings and artifacts that offer great power and immortality to those who possess them. Players journey across four magical worlds in search of the artifacts permitting them access to hidden lands. Fully-animated puzzles requiring logic, reasoning and common sense to complete must be solved in order to reach Aura's unexpected conclusion.

Aura: Fate of the Ages features:

- Four unique and vast worlds to explore: The Ademika Valley, Dragast, Na-Tiexu and The Island of Unity
- Easy to navigate mouse-driven, point and click interface
- Inventive cerebral puzzles and challenges throughout
- Proprietary engine blends together beautiful, pre-rendered graphics and environmental interaction with immersive special effects

Aura: Fate of the Ages, developed by Streko-Graphics Inc., will ship in North America June 24th and in Europe later this summer.

For more information or to download the Aura trailer and demo, please follow the download tab above.