Auto Chess will be turned into a MOBA

Auto Chess will be turned into a MOBA

Bringing the auto-battler genre full circle, Auto Chess, the game that was created based on the original DotA 2 Auto Chess modification, is now going to be turned into a MOBA in its own right. It will feature all of the characters you know and love (I guess?) from Auto Chess, a day and night cycle, and destructible environments, potentially opening up some intriguing gameplay elements that other MOBAs don't.

This is still a bold move for the developer, which only has one popular game under its belt, and the MOBA genre is both hotly competitive, and well saturated with well established games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Spite. Many major developers have tried to make their own competitive MOBA games in recent years too, to little success. Paragon and Gigantic being good examples of MOBAs that were innovative and different, but didn't manage to break real ground.

The Auto Chess MOBA will look to differentiate itself a little with some unique features, but also greater accessibility. It will be entirely free to play, but will also make every hero free to play and accessible right from the start. No grinding to paying to unlock them necessary.

Vision will be a major part of play, with the day and night cycle effecting vision range, and the ability to destroy parts of the map making it possible to open up new vision paths which weren't there before.

This late in the MOBA genre's development, do you think a new title can break through on the scene?