AVGN Gameplay Footage Appears Online


Fans of James Rolfe, AVGN or Cinemassacre in general, get ready for some extra nerd action, as a new gameplay trailer for the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures game has now shown up online, just one day after the game was officially greenlit for steam inclusion.

The trailer showcases some of the twitch platforming gameplay players can expect of the title - and in true nerd fashion, it doesn't look easy. No word on whether the game will be deliberately "bad" in places to emulate some of the features from the AVGN videos, but it looks like the developer has put a lot of effort in.

There's plenty of foul mouthed and fecal references throughout though for the fans. In the trailer we see one eyed, meatball things burping out faeces, penis rockets and middle finger cannons and even a bloody faced Santa Clause, which the nerd is riding down a snowy slope.

No word if this game will tie in with the Angry Video Game Nerd movie and its release, or if it'll merely remain a fun homage to the character in a similar vein to previous nerd games - though obviously far more expansive.

The end of the trailer tells us to expect the nerd to get "his revenge," in 2013.