Battlefield 2042 adds dark flashbang setting

Battlefield 2042 has added an intriguing option for flashbang grenades in a recent update, that acts as both an energy saving measure, and an accessibility one. In the latest version of Battlefield 2042 you can now switch to dark concussion grenades, so instead of them whiting out your screen, they turn it black instead. That has the same obscuring effect as whiting it out, but it doesn't threaten the eyes of those with photo-sensitivity, nor other potentially threatening conditions like epilepsy. It also reduces the power usage of your monitor because it isn't turning up all the pixels to their maximum brightness temporarily.

This isn't to say that videogames use a lot of electricity, although they do use a fair bit when you consider the powerful systems that run them, the servers that back them up, and the sheer time we all spend playing them. But little measures like this can help cut that down by a small, but not-insignificant amount. By reducing the average brightness of a standard Battlefield 2042 game, the environmental impact of the game is reduced in turn.

It's the quality of life improvement for some gamers which will be more apparent, though. In-game flashbangs and concussion grenades can have a real effect on the players, and though that might be immersive to some, to other's it's uncomfortable, and even harmful in some extreme cases. BY adding this option, the developers have made Battlefield 2042 more inclusive and more energy efficient at the same time.

I like it. I don't suffer from photo sensitivity, but I hate the glare from flashbangs in games. Being able to switch to a dark mode is something I'd definitely make use of.

What about you?

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