BF 2142 - Booster Pack Interview

BF 2142 - Booster Pack Interview BF 2142 - Booster Pack Interview

MegaGames reported last week on the first booster pack for EA's Battlefield 2142, now we have an interview with Kristoffer Bergqvist , Producer on the game. In the interview Mr. Bergqvist discusses what the booster packs will bring to the game and how the developer hopes to enhance the player's overall BF 2142 experience.

What was your overall focus and vision when you set out to create the booster pack?

Main focus for Northern Strike was to create something that felt new and fresh and appealed to both veteran and casual players. A lot of time and effort was put into designing new vehicle and level types, to add another layer to the Battlefield experience, but still keep the Battlefield core values. We also wanted to expand on the persistence experience, to add a new layer of unlock items and new badges to earn. Last but not least we strived to incorporate the booster pack with the original game. Rather than having booster pack players gather on one server and original game players on another we wanted to allow booster pack owners to enjoy certain parts of the new content while playing the core game.

The vehicles that are introduced in Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike are two new types compared to the vehicles available in the core game, could you tell us something about how these will change gameplay?

Both vehicles' main purpose is to assist and hunt infantry, but in completely different ways. The EU Goliath is a slow moving heavily armoured beast with 6 different guns placed on it, it's carrying a spawn point, re-supply functionality and regenerative armour. The PAC Hachimoto is more about doing quick strafing runs trying to help your infantry while dodging enemy fire.

Where does the name "Northern Strike" come from?

As the war around the Mediterranean rages on, the Pan Asian Coalition make a move into Europe, scavenging the abandoned, dead cities that once were the heart of Europe. When the EU finally realizes what is going on the PAC already established several bases in urban central European areas. A counter offensive is launched, the spearhead is pointing to the north and the EU army has no intentions to stop until they got back what was once theirs, snow covered or not.

In the first video release for the booster pack the Hachimoto, available to the PAC only, is in focus. What would be the best strategy for using that particular vehicle?

The PAC Hachimoto is the Goliath's direct opposite. It's small, extremely fast and extremely agile. On top of this it hovers, which means you can make awesome strafing runs with guns ablaze. With the gunner carrying TV-guided anti-vehicle missiles as well as a fast-shooting grenade launcher a well coordinated two-man team will prove very dangerous to the enemy troops. However, keep in mind that this vehicle is very vulnerable to enemy fire, if you are standing still you will most likely be destroyed faster than you can say "Garmisch-Partenkirchen".

There are ten new unlocks and also increased persistence in the booster pack. Could you give us some hints on what the new unlocks might be, and also how the increased persistence will work?

Rather than earning new unlocks by climbing through the ranks, the booster pack will add 10 new badges which when received will award the player with one unlock credit each. This unlock credit can be used to unlock a standard unlock item or, if you're on top of the unlock branch, a Northern Strike unlock. The Northern Strike unlocks will be available through Field Upgrade for all users who maxed out one or more unlock trees, but only players entitled to Northern Strike can unlock them permanently. A lot of energy has been put into making the unlocks a fun and challenging experience both for the ones carrying them and for the ones not.

The booster pack features the tweaked Conquest Assault Lines game mode, how does this version of Conquest play differently than the original game mode available in Battlefield 2142?

It's a simple but still important change to the Conquest: Assault game mode featured in the BF series since 1942. Its essence is that the attacking team cannot conquer the enemy home base until all other bases are under their control. This makes for a more coordinated assault and more tactical decisions to be taken during the game. If the attackers succeed with this heroic achievement endless glory and a special Conquest: Assault pin awaits them.