Britney Does The Consoles

Britney Does The Consoles

Enroute, Inc. announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) trade show that its FirstPerson technology will be used to develop a Britney Spears 360-degree interactive video DVD, for use mainly with video game consoles, containing concert footage created with its immersive video technology.

"I'm really excited to be the first artist to use Enroute's FirstPerson technology," said Spears. "It's a great new way of watching a concert."

FirstPerson, a leading immersive video technology developed by Enroute, is an interactive viewing experience that puts the user in the center of the action with full control over where to look and what to watch as a recorded event unfolds on a 360-degree wrap-around landscape. Using a controller, the user can look up, down, left, right, zoom in, zoom out, turn around and see everything happening from a full 360-degree perspective. FirstPerson enables viewers to interactively experience 360-degree full-motion video at broadcast quality (high-resolution, 30 frames-per-second).

"The immersive video category is starting to realize its full potential," said Paul Cha, executive vice president and co-founder of Enroute. "Until now, immersive video has mostly been used as an Internet application, and consumers have had to watch it at a low resolution and frame rate. FirstPerson is bringing immersive video into the mainstream as a physical, mass market product and at a full 30 frames-per-second television quality."

The release of this title will mark Spears' first venture into interactive entertainment. "We've certainly had several opportunities to bring Britney into the world of interactive entertainment and electronic gaming," said Johnny Wright, of Wright Entertainment Group and co-manager of Spears. "But we chose this opportunity because of Enroute's immersive video technology, which is giving Britney the chance to lead the way into a new era of home entertainment."

Enroute, Inc. is a leading developer and provider of immersive technology and the inventor of the standard-setting 360-degree FirstPerson format. Enroute is pioneering mass-market adoption of its FirstPerson format by delivering broadcast quality content to the consumer marketplace through titles developed for home entertainment platforms. Founded in 1996, the privately held company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.