Brut@l turns ASCII 3D and has you beat the crap out of it

ASCII art is usually reserved for drawing penises in Youtube comments, but it does have its uses in gaming too. Dwarf Fortress uses it for all of its art and many dungeon crawlers of yesteryear were founded in that age old art style. But what if you were to make those characters 3D?

That's what Brut@l is, a game about teaming up with friends to punch and slash enemies who are built from three dimensional 'characters' in a dark and dangerous world.

It's a modern roguelike title, so staying alive isn't easy, but with the glut of similar games available at the moment, you at least have some experience in this style so perhaps you'll make it through a few levels before team wiping.

Players have several different hero classes to choose from, as well as craftable weapons and secrets to find. There's even a level editor so you can challenge your friends and foes to defeat your dastardly dungeons.

Originally released as a PS4 exclusive in 2016, Brut@l is now making its way to PC for the first time and will be released on Steam on February 9.

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