Cancelled 90's Primal Rage 2 Is Now Playable On PC

Primal Rage was one of the most successful fighting games of the 1990's. The prehistoric fighting game was meant to get a sequel in 1996, but it was abruptly cancelled due to Atari's unrelated financial troubles. Nearly 22 years after Primal Rage 2 was scraped, the game has finally made its way to PC.

Only two Primal Rage 2 boards were ever made. The first board is sitting somewhere in Atari's vault, while the other one somehow made its way to The Galloping Ghost Arcade in 2012. Five years later, somebody has finally managed to create a custom version of the MAME emulator that is able to play Primal Rage 2.

Primal Rage 2 was cancelled nearly halfway through its development, but it is in a surprisingly playable state. Some menus are incomplete and there is a fair bit of glitches, but the combat itself works fine.

You can download and play Primal Rage using the modified MAME4RAGE2 emulator found here.

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