Capcom: PSN And XBLA Are Still In Their Infancy

Capcom: PSN And XBLA Are Still In Their Infancy

Capcom's director of production Adam Boyes blamed the cancellation of their casual title, Talisman, on the infancy of PSN and Xbox LIVE online gaming.

Talisman is based on a Games Workshop table top game with the same name.

"We looked at the other games on XBLA and PSN and realised that very few people were willing to sit and play a game for more than an hour. With a regular Talisman match coming in between three-to-five hours, this created an issue with how we would make the game fun and engaging for that whole time," Boyes explained.

"This brings us one thing that we again failed to realise as PSN and XBLA were still in their infancy. Complex board games like Talisman live and die on the social interaction of people."

"If the people in your match aren't going to use their headsets, the social aspect of a board game gets completely drained and becomes a slog as you could be sitting there for five minutes waiting for your next turn," he concluded.

The rights to create a digital game based on Talisman have been reverted back to Games Workshop.