Classic NES Games on GBA SP

Classic NES Games on GBA SP

On June 7, Nintendo is going totally retro with a classic collection of eight Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)games for the Game Boy Advance and a new Game Boy Advance SP that looks like an itty bitty NES console. The '80s were, like, a long time ago. But everything from then is way cool again. Back then, games went from blocky bleeps and bloops to sweet side-scrollers like Super Mario Bros and as a tribute to the era and the success of the NES, Nintendo is launching this new line of classic games for the GBA.

OK, so let's break it down: The new Game Boy Advance SP has the same guts and everything as a regular one, but its casing looks just like the NES, it will still have an MSRP of USD 99.99 but will be a Limited Edition version.

The Classic NES Series includes the pick of the classic retro games, each one at an MSRP of USD 19.99.

Donkey Kong: The best game featuring a plumber rescuing a princess from a big ape pretty much ever.

Pac-Man: If you don't know this game then where have you been?

The Legend of Zelda: How classic can you get? The righteous Link whips Ganon and saves Zelda. Link rules!

Super Mario Bros.: There are pipes and coins and these grody goombas and you just stomp away.

Excitebike: A motocross racing game that lets you rip around a track and kick up dirt and stuff.

Ice Climber: Take a guess... You climb the ice and whack monsters.

Xevious: Go to space and shoot stuff with your wicked spaceship.

Bomberman: Drop bombs on the baddies.