Cookie Clicker now has mod support

One of the founding fathers of the idle gaming genre, Cookie Clicker, has been doing surprisingly well on Steam after its full official release earlier this year. It's garnered solid support and brought with it a number of quality of life features for those willing to pay a few dollars to play it on Steam, rather than the decade+ old version in their browser. That feature list is about to expand extensively, with Cookie Clicker now offering full mod support through the Steam Workshop.

Cookie Clicker is a game about clicking, and baking. As you click you get cookies, which lets you buy more things to automate the clicking process to bake more cookies, and so on, ad infinitum. It's a simple process that really makes you think about all the numbers that we're building and chopping down when playing more thematic games. It's all the same under the hood.

But there's still something satisfying about Cookie Clicker, letting it progress for you in the background. It's probably how the uber rich feel when they wake up and look at their stock portfolios.

Now Cookie Clicker could go in all sorts of directions though, thanks to Workshop support. That will allow anyone with the time and effort to completely reskin it, to add full overhauls, mods, trainers, and anything else besides to the game and turn it into a whole new experience.

What would you like to see added to Cookie Clicker through mods?

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