Counter Strike - New Map Update

Counter Strike - New Map Update Counter Strike - New Map Update

Valve has released a long awaited Steam update which brings some interesting enhancements to Counter Strike : Source, including a "reworked" version of the cs_militia map.

The new CS:Source map brings the visual splendor of High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting to cs_militia while also addressing 8 CS:Source bugs. The inclusion of cs_militia in the new update is a tribute to fans of the game who consider the map as one of the all-time classics while it also presents another chance for Valve to showcase Source's potenial.

The full list of changes you should expect to get from the new Steam update includes:

New Map

- Added cs_militia with High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting

Counter-Strike: Source

- Fixed player name crash exploit
- Fixed rare visibility issue near portals such as doorways and windows
- Fixed a bug that occasionally resulted in doors becoming stuck closed
- Fixed animation issue with shotgun reloads interrupting fire animations
- Fixed bug where footsteps sometimes sounded for crouched players on stairs or slopes (they no longer do)
- Fixed buy menu locking up if keypad Enter is bound to buymenu
- Detail props sway in the breeze now
- Underwater observers no longer play drowning damage sounds

Hostage changes

- Hostages can open doors and step up onto ledges/stairs now
- Hostages and Bots obey NAV_MESH_NO_HOSTAGES

Source Engine
- Added FCVAR_CHEAT to some cvars in the materials system