Creating Games for PS3 Expensive

Creating Games for PS3 Expensive Creating Games for PS3 Expensive

Track7Games, developer of the upcoming Theseis title, has highlighted some of the problems facing new developers working on PS3 games. The company has stated that due to financial restrictions it can only develop its game for XBox 360 and PC although it did not rule out a PS3 version provided Sony offers enhanced support.

The news first appeared on the web as a story of how a PS3 game had been cancelled due to high costs. Track7Games however, were quick to point out that a PS3 version had never been in development so it could not have been cancelled. According to the developer, Theseis will not be developed for the PS3 ...because we deemed it not probable at this time.

XBox 360 and PC versions of Theseis are on track to begin development but this is another story of how Sony will have to reach out to developers if it is to compete with Microsoft's console. According to Vicky Valanos, Managing Director at Track7, If Sony were to offer us assistance in producing a PS3 version we would be more than happy to oblige!