Crusader Kings III now lets you turn yourself into a medieval tyrant

As great as Crusader Kings III is, one feature it severely lacked at launch was the ability to add yourself in game. CKII had a ruler designer and now that CKIII has it, it feels like a more complete experience. Now you can make yourself and ravage your peasantry in any fashion you choose, though beware trying to bed your siblings — this negative congenital traits are now laughing matter.

The big difference with the ruler designer this time is it's a free update. The 1.2 patch adds the feature straight into the base game and lets you make any kind of ruler you want — it doesn't have to be yourself. You won't be able to earn achievements while using it, but once you've had a solid playthrough on standard settings, playing with a dynasty that's full of all sorts of quirks and bonuses is a lot of fun.

When you create your character, you'll have a broad array of options that take full advantage of the new 3D character portraits of CKIII. That includes adjusting skin tone, body fat, every facial feature there is, hair, facial hair, facial structure, and even how long their neck is. And that's before you even get to the traits. You'll be able to choose any one of the cultures or religions in the name, first names, dynasty names, education, personality, traits, and your skills.

Unlike CKII, as well, you'll also be able to make an amazing ruler without any drawbacks. Make them a super genius adonis with ha herculean physique, and all of the best skills and traits that they could ask for. It won't cost you any points or mean they need to be ancient. It's entirely up to you.

You just won't be able to earn achievements. Which again, oh well.

What kind of ruler will you make next time you boot up CKIII?

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