Cyberpunk 2077 VR mod should launch in January

If you have a VR headset and an extremely powerful gaming PC, then January may open up the chance for the most realistic virtual reality gaming experience yet. A modder has been working on a capable VR mode for Cyberpunk 2077 for the past few months, and it's now set to debut in the early weeks of next year.

Luke Ross previously made the GTA V R.E.A.L. and Red Dead Redemption 2 VR mods, so has a strong pedigree of developing this kind of content. This VR modification will let you experience the entire Cryberpunk 2077 story and its open world from the same unique first-person perspective. Since the game itself plays out in the first person, that made the conversion modification easier to create, according to Ross, and it's why it hasn't taken as long as previous mods to bring it to VR.

Creating the Cyberpunk 2077 VR mod has lead to much greater confidence with his own VR injection system, leading Ross to believe that in the future, he may be able to start offering VR mods for games on a monthly basis. That will still depend on the specific challenges posed by the games themselves, and a lot of tweaking and bug checking, but ultimately, VR is becoming much more mainstream — even if major developers still aren't adding it as an official mode in their AAA games.

Expect the Cyberpunk 2077 VR mod to land in early January 2022, with more games to follow in the ensuing months.

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