D12 Join the Crime Life

D12 Join the Crime Life D12 Join the Crime Life

Konami has announced a collaboration with leading Hip Hop collective D12, and a soundtrack that will feature a wide array of musical talent and styles, for its forthcoming Crime Life: Gang Wars title.

The Detroit-based rappers have provided the main theme track for the game, and will also provide the voices and likenesses for key characters that appear in the game. Crime Life: Gang Wars, which is being produced by Konami's Product Development studio, will also feature musical contributions from some of Hip Hop's up and coming stars.

Crime Life: Gang Wars focuses on a young hood called Tre, as the player tries to pick a path through the many criminal opportunities the game's Grand Central City location offers. Using strong narrative elements, the game explores ideas pioneered in celebrated gang movies such as New Jack City and Boyz 'n the Hood, with Tre attempting to protect those close to him from exploitation and abuse, while also being on guard against those that conspire against him.

Urban culture provides the central theme for Crime Life: Gang Wars so the use of Detroit-based D12 fits in perfectly with the game's use of Hip Hop music, fashion and attitude. The group has provided an exclusive bespoke track entitled 'Throw It Up' which will be part of the game's soundtrack, the group will also be providing the voice and likenesses of leading bosses of the game's HeadHunterz rival gang.

D12's Bizarre, Proof, Swifty, Kon Artis and Kuniva recorded their roles in February, with the developers currently incorporating their likenesses into the game. They will inject their unique personalities into their HeadHunterz alter-egos. Their input will complement Crime Life: Gang Wars stunning visuals and the rich characterization that brings the world of Grand Central City to vivid life, and each gang member will be instantly recognisable thanks to D12's enthusiastic involvement.

The Konami title will also feature material from new Hip Hop talent, including Guvnor P, Doom Man and Jason Flemyng, Seyi, Sweetie Ire, Dek the Raw, mnemonic, All you can Beat Productions and Stylbik.

Crime Life will be released for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC in September 2005.