DarkSpace: A New Space Adventure

Darkspace is the new game from Battle Isle, a company used to developing games that are based on Earth. But for this game, they spread their wings and take on the challenges that an outer-space game brings with it. DarkSpace, their new game, will be online only and it will be played over the company's servers at bluebyte.net. These servers will support massive battles with up to 200 players at the same time. However, you won't be without help, there will be an online tutorial to help the newbies.

Gamers will start as scouts and work their way up the military ladder. As they advance they will be able to choose up to eighteen different spacecraft from three different factions. The types of spaceships include: frigates, interceptors, bombers, stealth craft, battle platforms and everyone's favorite -- capital ships. Each ship will have its own niche in the game.

The battles in the game will include both one-on-one dogfights to massive sieges that could take months to complete, so this is a game for the patient gamer. Your player rankings will be measured by Bluebyte's gaming channel and your lifetime statistics will also be a part of the game.

They are also working on a lag-free gaming experience and hope to have voice-over-internet capabilities by the time the game comes out.

Darkspace is slated to come out in the winter or spring of 2001.

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