Dead Rising movie to be directed by Zach Lipovsky

It looks like the oft treacherous future of the Dead Rising movie is a little more solid as of today, as the zombie infestation flick now has a director. According to reports from The Wrap and other sources, Zach Lipovsky, the director of Leprechaun Origins and VFX artist on a number of short films, will be handling the film's direction.

There's also suggestions that one of the film's producers will be Transformers producers, Lorenzo di Bonaventura and that the writer will be the one behind the recent Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series, Tim Carter.

Despite the game series having an Xbox focus throughout most of its games, the 90 minute long action-flick is going to debut exclusively on Sony's Crackle platform in digital form. It will eventually see a full release on other on-demand services, DVD and TV however, with Content Media Corp handling distribution.

It's not clear at this time which elements from the game series will be used for the film, which characters will be focused on or if there will be a mashup of several of them.

What would you guys like to see in a Dead Rising movie?

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