Developers Are More Interested In Old Gen Consoles Than Wii U

Developers Are More Interested In Old Gen Consoles Than Wii U

Game Developers Conference's 2013 State Of The Industry survey revealed that the number of developers currently working on Wii U titles is nearly one third of those working on either of the at-the-end-of-their-lifetimes current gen consoles.

Only 4.6% of surveyed developers indicated that they are working on games for Nintendo’s recently released Wii U. For comparison, 13.2% confirmed working on Xbox 360 games and 13% stated that they are working on PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 3 successor, the PlayStation 4 has already been revealed and the Xbox 360 successor is expected to be announced in April; so it is normal to expect developers to move on. The fact that one of each eight developers is still working on games for them is a testament to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3’s market strength.

Unfortunately, that can’t be said for Nintendo’s Wii U that was released in November 2012 and seems to be losing more developers’ support with each passing day.

As for the near future, 6.4% of surveyed developers intend to make their next game for Wii U while 14% plan to target Xbox 360 and 12.4% for PlayStation 3.