DS More Bite than Expected

DS More Bite than Expected

A Japanese document leaked on the web claims to detail most of the features of Nintendo's upcoming DS handheld console.
The document confirms some, already official, features but also adds a new twist to the handheld war by suggesting that DS will be much more advanced than expected. The most exciting of these features include a touch panel input device, 802.11 wireless LAN and a 3D graphics system.

What gives some credibility to the document is the fact that it also lists features which everyone more or less expected from the DS. Those features include an ARM-9 CPU running at 67MHz and an ARM-7 unit running at 33MHz. DS will also have 4Mb of main RAM and 656Kb of video RAM.
The document becomes exciting and controversial however, when considering the features which it hints at which Nintendo have not mentioned at all. Apparently DS will be the company's first hardware 3D enabled handheld and will be able to draw 120,000 polygons per second.
As far as resolution is concerned, both screens will be 256x192 resolution panels which although not impressive is not that bad compared to the one, 240x160 panel in the GBA.

Connectivity is the other surprise in the document since it moves away from the suggested Bluetooth connectivity and goes to the industry standard, 802.11 wireless LAN. The difference is mainly in the range with Bluetooth being short range and 802.11 a 100 metre max service. What exactly DS will do with that range remains to be seen.

One of the screens, at least, will also be touch sensitive, although the document does not mention any details on that feature.

As we have mentioned the document is not a confirmed original so accepting the specs it mentions is a matter of judgment, it is however a pretty convincing attempt since it does give DS some attributes which you would expect from a next-gen handheld.

Anyway you look at it, DS will be an innovation in handheld gaming the big challenge for Nintendo is to find a way of making it an enjoyable experience for gamers without losing out to SONY's, hardware superior, PSP.