E3: Virtua Fighter 5 - PS3 Only

E3: Virtua Fighter 5 - PS3 Only E3: Virtua Fighter 5 - PS3 Only

SEGA announced that Virtua Fighter 5, will be a PS3 only title and will release in Spring 2007. The latest installment in the series has been designed from the ground up in order to take full advantage of the next-gen power offered by the PS3 hardware. Fans of the franchise will have a chance to get their first look at the game during E3 2006. Until then you can ghave a look at a couple of in-game images in the screens section.

Virtua Fighter 5 will feature an all-star cast of 17 fighters, including characters from the previous iterations along with two new characters named El Blaze and Eileen. El Blaze is a Mexican fighting champion who defeats opponents with his quick Lucha Libre fighting style. Eileen, originally from China, uses a Monkey Kung-Fu fighting style that she learned from her grandfather, a former Kung-Fu master. Players will be able to customize their characters by selecting from four uniquely patterned costumes and a wide range of attachable items that can be placed onto each fighter's various body parts.

Players will not only achieve victory by defeating highly-skilled opponents, but will also compete for prizes and earn in-game money through the match to buy many items at an in-game shop. These items allow players to customize their ultimate warrior and become the top Virtua Fighter. In addition, the game will introduce Offensive Move, a new maneuver that will allow players to easily approach opponents from the side, adding a more strategic element to the battle. The game will support 720p HD resolution.

Virtua Fighter 5 is being developed by SEGA Studios and will be available on the Sony PS3 in Spring 2007.